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Aquatic Housing

Aquaneering is proud that all of our products are made in the USA.

Best for Your Aquatics Research
Aquaneering offers an unmatched knowledge of highly advanced technologies pioneered and perfected within the aquaculture industry. Clean water and highly efficient low maintenance filtering and self-monitoring systems are prerequisites in industrial aquaculture and fishery applications - where the health of the fish is paramount. Applying these same highly efficient and proven technologies to the aquatics research field has been Aquaneering’s main focus over the last two decades. With aquatic research systems installed throughout the world, aquatic researchers are benefiting from the unmatched technology, quality, aquatic experience and customer service that only Aquaneering can offer.

From Start to Fish: Systems Designed to Meet Your Needs
Aquaneering in-house engineers design custom filtration room systems to meet and exceed the needs of each multi-rack research facility. Either designing for existing buildings or buildings that are still in the planning stages, designers work closely with customers and architects to help guarantee the best system to meet the researcher’s goals and needs. Aligned in rows and attached to a central filtration system, efficiently designed aquatic housing systems allow excellent usability for multiple rack configurations.  Aquaneering has built some of the largest aquatic research systems in the world.

  U Pitt Central Filtration Racks
  Centralized Filtration Racks
Stand Alone Rack
Stand Alone Rack
  Part of a Central Filtration System
in a Large Aquatics Lab

Technologically Superior: Aquaneering Fluidized Bed Filtration System
The most efficient filters provide enough surface area to allow the sustained growth of aggressive water-cleansing bacteria. The heart of the Aquaneering multi-stage filtration system - the fluidized bed biofilter boasts 10 times the surface area of the average industry filter. This extremely large surface area allows 200 - 1000 different types of beneficial bacteria to grow, assuring a biologically stable ecology within the filter system. The bacteria population is larger than the amount of available food, which results in extreme "shock-loading" capabilities and allows the filter to nitrify large amounts of ammonia without any change in the overall water quality. With up-flow water circulation, the filter media acts as a fluid and will not short circuit or require maintenance, unlike gravity and pressurized media filters. The no-maintenance filter runs for years, and is the core of the best filtration system available to aquatics researchers today.

Quality Manufacturing
All Aquaneering aquatic housing racks are produced in house from the finest stainless steel. Recirculating systems include Aquaneering’s Fluidized Bed Biofilter with over 20 years of proven performance. All components are inspected throughout the process, with a final inspection prior to shipment. This ensures a quality, durable system that meets our high standards and will provide you with years of reliable service.

Specialized Optional Components
Aquaneering offers a full range of specialized optional components to enhance your aquatic system:

Crossing Tank Shelving
    Crossing Tank Shelving


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