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April 2016 Newsletter
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eRack Giveaway: Supporting Zebrafish K-12 Science Education
Call for Proposals

Aquaneering is once again supporting zebrafish science education through a call for proposals to award one eRack to a deserving K-12 teacher with a demonstrated need and clear capacity to advance the use of zebrafish in their classrooms.


The eRack is a complete zebrafish housing system for classroom settings. It is a self-contained system with a four-step filtration process to maintain consistent water quality for the fish and a carbon pre-filter to remove chlorine from incoming water. (If RO water is used, salts will need to be added back in.) All that is required is a floor drain or sink for water discarded during daily exchanges.

The eRack has two shelves: one with five 2.8-liter and one with eight 1.8-liter tanks, and includes six breeding tanks are included for embryo production. The rack is on casters and can be transported from its permanent location to a lab or classroom whenever needed.

Overall rack dimensions: 41” wide x 20” deep x 63” tall

Approximate yearly cost for consumables:    
25 Watt UV Replacement Lamp   $65
Carbon Filter Sleeve (12") 5 each   $44
Activated Carbon 6 Lbs.   $32
Fish Food – 1 Lb. Bag   $10
6-Way Test Strips (24/pack) 5-Way strip for alkalinity, pH, nitrite, nitrate, hardness. Separate ammonia strip.
Total   $172

For more information and specifications on the eRack, click here.

Instructions for Proposals

  Download the official Call for Proposals

Proposals Due: July 6th, 2016
Awards made: July 15th or 16th in conjunction with the 12th International Conference on Zebrafish Development and Genetics taking place in Orlando, Florida from July 13 to 17th, 2016.
Submit proposal by e-mail to Chris Pierret (pierret {dot} christopher {at} mayo {dot} edu). Questions about the proposal can be directed to Michael Pickart (Michael {dot} Pickart {at} cuw {dot} edu) or Chris Pierret. Members of the zebrafish community active in educational use of zebrafish will review proposals and choose the winner. Questions about the eRack can be directed to Bobbi Baur (bobbi {at} aquaneering {dot} com).

Where in the World is Aquaneering?
Date   Event   Location   Link
April 29   Spring 2016 Mid-Atlantic Zebrafish Meeting    Philadelphia, PA    
    University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine        
March 15 - 19   4th European Zebrafish Principal Investigators Meeting (EZPM)    Lisbon, Portugal   Website
June 11 - 14   CALAS 55th Annual Symposium    Toronto, Ontario   Website
June13 - 16   13th FELASA Congress
Booth A014
   Brussels, Belgium   Website
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