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August 2013 Newsletter

The Tradition Continues – 6th Annual Calendar Contest for 2014!
Announcing the 2014 Art of Science Photomicrography Calendar Contest: Call For Entries


We are now accepting entries for our sixth annual Art of Science Photomicrography Calendar Contest! Images are judged on both technical execution and artistic rendition by an outside panel of both science and art professionals. The three winning photos will be featured on our 2014 calendar, which will be distributed in the January issues of ALN and Zebrafish Magazines, and the winners will be awarded a total of $2250.00 in cash prizes.

To enter, please submit your photomicrograph(s) and a completed entry form by September 30, 2013. Good luck!

First Prize – $1,000
Second Prize - $750
Third Prize - $500

pdf icon   2014 Calendar Contest Rules and Entry Form (303 KB)
1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place  
Ryan Thummel 1st Place   Rebecca Beer 2nd Place   Lihua Le 3rd Place  
Ryan Thummel   Rebecca L. Beer   Lihua Le  
Wayne State University
School of Medicine

University of California Davis

  Indiana University
School of Medicine
Adult zebrafish retina rod photoreceptors   Adult zebrafish ovary   Zebrafish embryo pancreas ducts  

Planning for Success:  Avoiding the Pitfalls When Designing an Aquatics Lab

If this is your first aquatics room as a researcher, or if you have never had to plan one before, where do you begin?Filtration Room Layout

Some basic questions are “how many animals do I want to house?” and “what is my budget?”. These questions seem obvious, but are very important.

Other key questions and components will require research and coordination with the following:

  • Physical environment, structure, resources.  What is my room size, what needs to be done to the room to prepare for an Aquatics Room?  Is there a facility project coordinator with whom I need to plan the project?
  • What critical elements will need to be addressed to educate the facility managers on the requirements of the aquatics room which are different from the animal rooms?
  • How much space is needed for racks, how tall, how many shelves, what size tanks?  Quarantine?
  • How will the layout of the room be designed?
  • What do I need for workspace, procedures, cleaning areas, food production and storage?
  • What are the plumbing, water supply, HVAC, lighting and electrical requirements?
  • How will the layout provide for quarantine procedures, controlled personnel entry, laboratory space?
  • Where in the building is my aquatics room, and what structural concerns need to be addressed?
  • How can I be sure that the aquatics equipment is functioning properly once it is installed?

Did you know that Aquaneering offers customized planning advice for all of the questions above?  Don’t hesitate to contact us to assist and support you in your planning stages.  We can help you with problem solving, consulting, and free preliminary room layouts.  We are just a phone call or email away . . .

Phone: 858-578-2028

Did You Know...


Why has the rack pump shut down, and there is no water flow to the tanks?

When the water level in the sump drops too low, the float switch triggers the control box to power off, which shuts down the system. This prevents a total loss of water throughout the rack and damage to the pumps and heater. To restart the system, add water to the sump and lift the float switch until it clicks.

For more Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our FAQ page!

Float Switch

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