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August 2015 Newsletter
Zebra Las Vegas!
Win a Free Trip to the Zebrafish Husbandry Workshop at Aquaculture 2016
February 23 - 24, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Have you ever attended the Zebrafish Husbandry Workshop at Aquaculture America? If the answer is NO, then you qualify as a potential winner of the scholarship. The rules are simple:

  1. Be a first-time attendee to the workshop.
  2. Fill out the scholarship application and submit by October 31, 2015.

The scholarship committee at Aquaneering will select the lucky winner, who receives:

  • Full meeting registration
  • Two-night hotel stay
  • US domestic air transportation with Southwest Airlines.

The winner will be announced by November 30, 2015. This scholarship is subsidized by the sale of Art of Science T-shirts and by Aquaneering and the World Aquaculture Society.

Application is easy, and the rewards are great! At the Workshop, you'll learn from a multitude of professionals about zebrafish husbandry techniques including feeding, breeding, and disease and infection control, as well as lab protocols for water quality, environmental and behavioral studies, IACUC compliance, and more. The Annual Zebrafish Husbandry Association Meeting kicks off the Workshop on the first day, and the Town Hall Meeting is the recap and community discussion at the end. Workshop topic details are currently being planned and will be announced in January. AALAS CE units are offered in addition to the invaluable collaboration and camaraderie of colleagues in the industry.

pdf icon   Zebrafish Husbandry Workshop Scholarship Application (618 KB)
Speaking of the Zebrafish Husbandry Workshop...

Put it on your Google calendar, synch it to iCal, or use an old school Post-It... Either way, don't forget to Save the Date for the Zebrafish Husbandry Workshop at Aquaculture 2016!

What: Zebrafish Husbandry Workshop at Aquaculture 2016
When: February 23 - 24, 2016
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
How: First-time attendees have the chance to win a free trip to the Zebrafish Husbandry Workshop! See above for more information on this scholarship opportunity.

Visit or contact for more information.

Health and Colony Management of Laboratory Fish Course 2015
Salisbury Cove, Maine

Brendan Delbos, Aquaneering Eastern Region Sales and Technical Support, attended the Health and Colony Management of Laboratory Fish course from August 16 - 21, 2015. The course was held at the Maren Conference Center at Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory located in Salisbury Cove, Maine.

Health and Colony Management of Laboratory Fish course

Topics of the course included:

  • Identification, treatment, and management of fish diseases
  • General training on anatomy, histology, and necropsy techniques
  • Core management of water quality and facility considerations

Where in the World is Aquaneering?
Date   Event   Location   Link
August 24 - 27   8th Annual Zebrafish Disease Models Conference (ZDM8)
  Boston, Massachusetts
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