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Particulate Filtration

Product Description

In mechanical filtration, water passes through a material that acts as a sieve to trap and remove particulate matter from the water. It is the first step in the Aquaneering 4-stage filtration process. Aquaneering aquatic housing racks are equipped with particulate filter pads or screens that catch solid waste from the animals as the water flows from the tanks into the sump.

  Filter Pad in action

Product Information

The Dacron pad particulate filter traps particles greater than 10 microns, and can be easily removed for washing or disposal.

Reusable Solid Particle Filter

Aquaneering is pleased to announce our new Reusable Solid Particle Filter, the greener alternative to consumable filter pads. The Reusable Filter is washable, reusable, and eliminates constant filter pad replacement and waste. The tray is molded from textured black ABS with an overflow drain slot, and sits securely over the lip of the sump. The filter screen is made of fine stainless steel mesh that captures 25 micron suspended solids.

  Filter Pad and Tray
Prefilter Pad (for Single Sumps)
Reusable Filter Screen
Non Consumable Reusable Prefilter (for Double Sumps)

Consumable Filter Pads and Reusable Filters

Part Number Description
  MAFP612 Prefilter Pads (for Table Top Racks) 30 Count 6x12  
  MAFP912 Prefilter Pads (for Single Racks) 30 Count 9x12  
  MAFP622 Prefilter Pads (for Double Racks) 30 Count 6x22  
  MARP612 Non Consumable Reusable Prefilter (for Table Top Sumps) 6" x 12"
  MARP912 Non Consumable Reusable Prefilter (for Single Sumps) 9" x 12"  
  MARP622 Non Consumable Reusable Prefilter (for Double Sumps) 6" x 22"  




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