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SCADA 3000 Control System

Product Description
The SCADA 3000 by Sensaphone® is the answer to all your monitoring and control needs. Using the SCADA 3000 as a foundation, Aquaneering can design a monitor and control system for almost any requirements. The beauty of the SCADA 3000 is its infinite adoptability. It can read dry contact, 0-5 VDC, 4-20 mA, and 10 K Thermistor sensors. The standard unit has 16 inputs, and 8 relay outputs. Using expansion modules, that number can be increased to 144 I/O points. Pulse Count, Thermocouple, Analog Output, and Annunicator Modules are also available.

The SCADA 3000 also includes powerful programming options for complex monitoring and control strategies. It understands Ladder and C programming languages. The built in Data-Logger is fully user programmable, and includes graphing software. Communicating with the SCADA 3000 is both easy and comprehensive. With the modem module installed, the SCADA 3000 provides dial-in computer monitoring and alarm dial-out to numeric pagers, alphanumeric pagers, and fax machines. Email can be added as an option. With the voice module, the SCADA 3000 can also provide alarm notification to a phone with real voice messages and dial-in status reports.


Part Number Description
  MS3000 Monitoring System – SCADA 3000 w/ NEMA 4 Enclosure  
  MS1800 Monitoring System – SCADA 1800 w/ NEMA 4 Enclosure  
  MS1104 Monitoring System – SCADA 1104  
  MS3000RT Room Temperature Sensor for SCADA 3000  
  MS3000WT Water Temperature Sensor for SCADA 3000  
  MS3000BAT Back-Up Battery for SCADA 3000  
  MS3000VM Voice Module for SCADA 3000  
  MS1104WT Water Temperature Sensor for Model 1104  
  MS3000DO Dissolved Oxygen Sensor  
  MS3000DOMK Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Membrane Kit  
  MS3000PT Pressure Transmitter Sensor (0-50 psi)    
  MS3000TGP Total Gas Pressure Probe  
  MS3000SL Sump Level Sensor  
  MS3000EM Expansion Module  
  MS3000PS Power Supply 115/240 , 50-60 Hz for SCADA 3000  
  MS3000EK Ethernet Kit for SCADA 3000  
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