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Tanks, Lids, Baffles, and Screens


Zebrafish tanks are available in six different sizes: 0.8, 1.4, 1.8, 2.8, 6.0, and 9.5 liters. Constructed of durable polycarbonate, the self-cleaning tanks feature a subtle “V” formed into the tank floor which channels solids to the rear of the tank so no hand-cleaning is necessary.   6 sizes of tanks

Baffle and Fry Screen
The removable baffle forces water to flow along the tank bottom, carrying
the solids up and out of the overflow port. A second and third slot are provided to install an optional fry screen with the baffle.
The fry screen is an optional component of the tanks. It is placed in front of the baffle and prevents fry from being suctioned out of the back of the tank.
  fry screen and baffle in tank   tank assembly

M3 Tank Line

Maximize Flexibility
Aquaneering’s M3 tank line offers caretakers the most flexibility by allowing mix and match tank sizes. One 6.0-liter tank can be replaced with two 2.8-liter tanks which can be replaced with three 1.8-liter tanks. Additionally, all shelves have the same number of water delivery valves, allowing any configuration of tanks. Fish can be grouped by family, not by rack design constraints.

Maximize Space

The 0.8-liter tanks allow isolated housing of small groups of fish (from 1-10).  With these space-saving tanks, Aquaneering has achieved maximum capacity with easier access.  The 0.8-liter tanks' shorter shelf requirements mean that seven shelves can fit in the same elevation as six in past rack designs.

Maximize Capacity
A wider footprint on the 1.8-liter tank results in increased stability and increased water capacity per shelf.  The new lid design keeps any food spillage well away from the water intake opening.

  M3 line zebrafish tanks

Tank Sizes

ZT080   ZT140   ZT180
0.8 Liter Tank
1.4 Liter Tank
1.8 Liter Tank
ZT280   ZT600   ZT950
2.8 Liter Tank
6.0 Liter Tank
9.5 Liter Tank


Tank Assemblies and Parts

Some tank sizes are also available in green-tinted, smoke-tinted, or black. Please call for availability.

Part Number Description
  ZT080T 0.8 Liter Tank  
  ZT080L 0.8 Liter Lid  
  ZT080B 0.8 Liter Baffle  
  ZT080 Complete 0.8 Liter Tank Set includes: Tank, Lid and Baffle  
  ZT080S400 0.8 Liter Screen - 400 Micron (optional)  
  ZT080S850 0.8 Liter Screen - 850 Micron (optional)  
  ZT140T 1.4 Liter Tank  
  ZT140L 1.4 Liter Lid  
  ZT140B 1.4 Liter Baffle  
  ZT140 Complete 1.4 Liter Tank Set includes: Tank, Lid and Baffle  
  ZT140S400 1.4 Liter Screen - 400 Micron (optional)  
  ZT140S850 1.4 Liter Screen - 850 Micron (optional)  
  ZT180T 1.8 Liter Tank
  ZT180L 1.8 Liter Lid  
  ZT180B 1.8 Liter Baffle  
  ZT180 Complete 1.8 Liter Tank Set includes: Tank, Lid and Baffle  
  ZT180S400 1.8 Liter Screen - 400 Micron (optional)  
  ZT180S850 1.8 Liter Screen - 850 Micron (optional)  
  ZT280T 2.8 Liter Tank  
  ZT280L 2.8 Liter Lid  
  ZT280B 2.8 Liter Baffle  
  ZT280 Complete 2.8 Liter Tank Set includes: Tank, Lid and Baffle  
  ZT280S400 2.8 Liter Screen - 400 Micron (optional)  
  ZT280S850 2.8 Liter Screen - 850 Micron (optional)  
  ZT600T 6.0 Liter Tank  
  ZT600L 6.0 Liter Lid  
  ZT600B 6.0 Liter Baffle  
  ZT600 Complete 6.0 Liter Tank Set Includes: Tank, Lid and Baffle  
  ZT600S400 6.0 Liter Screen - 400 Micron (optional)  
  ZT600S850 6.0 Liter Screen - 850 Micron (optional)  
  ZT950T 9.5 Liter Tank  
  ZT950L 9.5 Liter Lid  
  ZT950B 9.5 Liter Baffle  
  ZT950 Complete 9.5 Liter Tank Set includes: Tank, Lid and Baffle  
  ZT950S400 9.5 Liter Screen - 400 Micron (optional)  
  ZT950S850 9.5 Liter Screen - 850 Micron (optional)  


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